Drukomat is a strategic partner of the RemaDays Warsaw show. is a leader in the online print arena as evidenced by its innovative products portfolio, a scale of production, investments in modern printing technology, and the results of the customer satisfaction survey. The company offers both offset and top quality digital printing, as well as large-format printing (solvent and UV). is the only web2print print service provider in Poland which offers 10 million product variants available online 24/7. is a trusted and reliable partner for advertising agencies, graphics studios, and print service providers because their products help succeed in business. This innovative and user-friendly website is run by printing specialists.

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RemaDays lanyards have been delivered by the TGL company for three years. Every year, the lanyards feature a unique design.

TGL specializes in lanyards production using the gas sublimation method and transfer printing. As a manufacturer, TGL supervises every step of production and customizes the tiniest details. Their lanyards are made of a top quality, Polish satin thread. The lanyards feature a high-quality finish and applique both in a sublimation and transfer methods. TGL has cooperated with many customers across Poland.

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As always, pens with the RemaDays Warsaw fair’s logo are provided by the Asgard company. Asgard’s pens are uniquely durable and practical.

Asgard was established in 1993 and currently is one of the top importers of promotional gifts in Poland. Asgard delivers promotional gifts to companies across the country. Their complete offer can be found both in their BLUE COLLECTION catalogue and on their website. The items are delivered either straight from the stock within 24 hours or manufactured and delivered from Asia on demand, with customized tagging service.

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Słodkie upominki

When at the RemaDays fair, try delicious chocolates delivered by Słodkie Upominki.

Słodkie Upominki is a leader in the European field of promotional sweets. They have been designing and producing sweets using the latest technology and their sweet creations and chocolate gifts have become a part of various promotional campaigns worldwide. Their rigid production standards and the internal quality control system ensure that their products are top quality.

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Every visitor and exhibitor at the RemaDays show have their own ID card. These are generated and printed by Cart Poland.

Cart Poland is a thriving manufacturer responsible for providing personalized ID cards to everyone at the trade fair. Cart Poland provides services to those who need solutions in the field of plastic cards, magnetic cards, proximity cards, identification cards, and other related products. Their production facilities allow for a broad range of various orders.

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RemaDays has been cooperating with Kleen-Tex Polska for a few years. Kleen-Tex Polska provides floor mats and linings, also the ones that greet the show visitors at the entrance.

Kleen-Tex is one of the biggest mat manufacturers worldwide. It was established in 1967 in LaGrange, GA. Currently, thanks to years of experience, coupled with a spirit of innovation and a passion for service and quality, the company offers a wide range of matting products not only for laundry service providers or textile manufacturers but also private individuals.

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Rainbow cups

At the RemaDays Warsaw, you will try delicious coffee and tea from specially made cups with the show’s logo. These will be delivered by the Rainbow Cups company.

Rainbow Cups’s asset is a great team. They will share their experience, give advice, and help you place the order. Every task is a new challenge and an opportunity to deliver a piece of commercial art. Their long experience in the advertising field and packaging design guarantees that their products are going to be remembered.

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