Based on the Polish and European arena, we have prepared a special report of the advertising and printing fair. Undoubtedly, the market of trade fair events has undergone major changes in recent years. The pandemic has significantly restricted life, including the functioning of enterprises. As we know, every fair, regardless of the industry, is an incomparable space for companies to present new products and services, as well as an invaluable knowledge base of experts.

Looking at events in the European field, we have 6 major events in the advertising sector. We are very happy to see how our Polish fair stands out from other countries. The clear leader is RemaDays Warsaw organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo. The event is huge compared to other events, as it occupies as much as 50,000 m2. For comparison, the German PSI in Düsseldorf trade fair covers an area of 29,000 m2, ranking second. The French CTCO-Promotional Garments and Gifts, with an area of 27,000 m2, have a slightly smaller format. A much lower value is presented by the PTE -Promotion Trade Exhibition held in Italy (15,000 m2) and the Promo GIFT in Spain (14,400 m2). At the end of the ranking is another Polish brand, Promo Show, with a range of almost 9,000 m2. Looking at the ranking, we are very happy that as many as two events from Poland were included in it, which is not the case with other countries.

However, looking at the number of exhibitors, we have a few modifications. The German PSI in Düsseldorf leads the ranking with 488 stands. An interesting turn occurs in the second position, because the Spanish event Promo Gift came out with a stake of 486 exhibitors. It was followed by the RemaDays Warsaw fair, with the value of 465 exhibitors. CTCO-Promotional Garments and Gifts has a much lower number (267) ahead of Promo Show (185). The ranking is closed by the Italian PTE – Promotion Trade Exhibition, which despite a large number of exhibition space, will present 165 exhibition stands.
We encourage you to visit and further support the Polish exhibition industry, which, as you can see, is the superior organizer of the advertising and printing sector.

Yours faithfully,
National Trade Fair Chamber Management
(Study conducted by the National Trade Fair Chamber)