RemaDays Warsaw 2023 in three days! See what awaits you during the event

We are starting the great countdown to the 18th edition of RemaDays Warsaw 2023! From February 1-3, Ptak Warsaw Expo will become the European capital of advertising and printing. For the participants of the event, it is a unique opportunity to use expert knowledge of industry leaders during the Rema Congress, obtain the most important information about the sector thanks to the Great Book of Advertising and Printing, and increase the base of business partners.

The international advertising and printing fair RemaDays Warsaw is a long-standing tradition of sector integration combined with educational and networking values. Since 2005, they have been a European platform for enterprises and a space for presenting innovations, setting trends and talking about the next steps in the development of the industry.

Why is it worth visiting RemaDays Warsaw 2023?

First of all, it is an event tailored to the requirements of the modern advertising and printing market. It is an international event that attracts thousands of visitors and exhibitors from around the world every year. It is opening up to the possibility of expanding business relations with foreign clients and expansion into new, previously less accessible markets.

RemaDays Warsaw gives you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the offers of leading European manufacturers and distributors of machines and materials for printing, printing and advertising production, new technologies, or creators of gifts and advertising textiles along with packaging and printing production. The industry scope of the event was additionally extended to include service providers in the field of visual advertising and advertising media, illuminated advertising, POS, as well as media and point-of-sale equipment.

At the same time, the range of event participants is positioned among people interested in the operation of the industry and using its products and services on a daily basis. This makes the exhibitors aware that there are no random people at RemaDays Warsaw.

RemaDays Warsaw 2023. Not only business, but also education

One of the most important aspects of RemaDays Warsaw 2023 is the educational element, implemented with the help of the Rema Congress Conference. This is a three-day side event, divided into sectors according to the interests of visitors.

The Marketing Room will host lectures by leaders who know everything about targeting advertising and promotional activities in the industry. Among them is Krzysztof Sarnecki, one of the most important business trainers and the creator of the 5th Generation of Sales. Iwona Bates, in turn, will talk about the differences in communication and advertising – Facebook vs. TikTok, and Emilia Mamet and Wojciech Bielecki will focus on venti-sized marketing.

Lectures will be held also in the Printing Room. Among the speakers will be Sabina Urban-Wierna, Vice President of PSSiDC, President of the Management Board of Tromar sp. z o.o., and Jacek Szydłowski, Vice President of PSSiDC, Regional Director of Sico Polska. The topic of their speech was “Modern Screen Printing – contemporary trends in the industry of printing on textiles and other materials”. Michał Czumaj from Sico will talk about DTF, the new dimension of printing.

The last of the hall is the Exhibitors’ Hall. Lectures will be delivered by Karol Froń (“How to sell premium products nowadays?”), Paweł Popenda and Marek Polanowski (“What is 3D enhancement technology? How to design to achieve the intended effect?”), Brygida Dzidek (“How to enrich consumer experience and build loyalty?”) or Agnieszka Kubacka, Marketing and Product Director at Ted Gifted (“The future is green and digital – international trends in the product industry”).

The Great Book of Advertising and Printing RemaDays 2023

As in previous years, each of the event participants will be able to use the RemaDays Warsaw Great Book of Advertising and Printing. It is the most up-to-date and richest source of information about companies and their offers. It is a useful tool both during and after the fair, containing all the most important contact information, services, products and opportunities that can be used in the world of advertising and printing.

RemaDays Warsaw 2023 – registration

RemaDays Warsaw is a place where the future of the advertising and printing sector is being shaped. Anyone who wants to take the next step in its development should visit this most important trade fair in Europe.

To register for RemaDays Warsaw, go to To join the group of exhibitors, just click on the link

Please be advised that due to the international nature of the event and the large number of participants from Poland and abroad, the organizer provides free transport for visitors to RemaDays Warsaw. Free buses will depart from the Central Railway Station and the Western Railway Station in Warsaw according to the timetable posted on the website.

You’re welcome!